I can share tip after tip, recipe after recipe, and workout idea after workout idea with you but the ONLY way that you can lose weight is if YOU WANT TO! You will not lose weight if you aren’t doing it for yourself. You have to be motivated and willing to work for it. Trust me, it will be hard work and sometimes or maybe a lot of the time, hard to stay motivated but, YOU CAN DO IT!

No one wants to look back at their wedding pictures and think ‘wow, who is that in the white dress?’. I know that you don’t! So, DON’T! What better way to start off a marriage than being healthy (in all aspects) and confident.

Be sure that you don’t make your weight loss goal unattainable. Nothing kills motivation like disappointment. You will be disappointed if you expect to lose 30 lbs. in a month and don’t, so be reasonable! Set achievable goals and then go for it!

It’s your body. It’s your life. It’s your wedding. It’s your marriage. So, get started today. Make a plan, set your goals and get started on the journey!