Absolutely Stunning National Park Wedding Backdrop

Could you imagine having photos from your wedding with a backdrop like this? Like Zion National Park? This gorgeous couple had to work their way down and around rocks with her lifting her dress up and him giving her a loving and helping hand. What a stunning... read more

Gorgeous Wedding or Elopement Bouquet

How absolutely gorgeous is this stunning seaside elopement bouquet? I LOVE the colors and style. For more inspiration from this beautiful elopement, check out Peppermint Photography. read more

Melting for the Couple

That moment when you see a wedding photo that makes you melt for the couple in it! How gorgeous is this?! I love everything from her stunning backless dress, to his suit and unique pocket square, and the gorgeous intermixed boho look/feel.   read more

You & the World are Surrounded by Love

Who doesn’t love unique wedding ideas? As most brides, I am ALWAYS on the lookout for special and non-conventional inspiration. While I am a huge fan of traditions, every once in a while, I see an idea that just strikes me. Let your loved ones give you their... read more

Three Generations of Love

I absolutely LOVE this!! It’s such a touching way to capture three generations of love, support, gratitude, happiness and devotion. read more

Absolutely Stunning Wedding Photos

Of course I am obsessed with wedding photography and today’s photos are no exception! Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the beauty around you! read more

Gorgeous and Unique Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

If you’re looking to make your wedding something unique, something special, something beautiful and something completely memorable, don’t forget that it’s not all about the dress, the food or the suits. Let your ceremony backdrop speak volumes about... read more

Banish Your Back Fat & Be More Confident In Your Wedding Dress

When my brother and (now) sister-in-law were getting married a few years ago, she was so excited about her wedding dress that she tried it on for me once it came in. It was absolutely GORGEOUS on her! It was her dream dress and she felt completely beautiful in it. She... read more

Tear Jerker- Loving & Moving Father of the Bride Compilation Video

Tears are flowing! Let me tell you! The true, good and deep love of a father for his daughter is so special. I can only imagine what my dad will say when he gives me away one day, if I am so blessed. I know just how transformative the bond between a dad and his little... read more

Why Having An Unplugged Ceremony Is Perfect For You

I obviously LOVE weddings and all things wedding related but I am absolutely obsessed with the Unplugged Ceremony trend right now! Wedding ceremonies are all about love. They are about the beauty of the couple and the love that they share and are vowing to share for... read more

Copper Wedding Detail Inspiration

I have always loved silver! Silver jewelry, silver wall accents, silver table decor, or silver fashions. No matter what, silver has always been my go to. I have to say though, lately I have been crazing over the gorgeous, copper inspired details that we are seeing in... read more

Delicate Color Inspiration for your Summer & Early Fall Wedding

Whether you’ve been planning your upcoming late summer or early fall wedding for a while or are recently engaged, DON’T get overwhelmed with all of the details that you need to have set before the big day! Make things easier on yourself by choosing a color... read more

Fun & Thoughtful Maids-of-Honor Wedding Toast

They absolutely nailed it! How cute is this toast by the bride’s two sisters?! Speeches can be a daunting task for Maid/Matrons of honor but we just LOVE what these two did to show their love and support for their sister and welcome in their new... read more

Weight Loss Goals & Motivation for Your Wedding

I can share tip after tip, recipe after recipe, and workout idea after workout idea with you but the ONLY way that you can lose weight is if YOU WANT TO! You will not lose weight if you aren’t doing it for yourself. You have to be motivated and willing to work... read more

Wedding Day Accessories- Stunning Earrings for Your Big Day

From the first, all important ring, (“You said yes!”) to your wedding day accessories, jewelry plays such an important role in not only the tradition but the excitement and romance of getting married. So, when it comes to selecting your own wedding day accessories,... read more

Absolutely Stunning and Love Filled Wedding Photo

Can we just talk about this photo for a minute?! How GORGEOUS!! First of all, I am in LOVE with both of their styles. Her stunning modest dress looks just amazing on her and I love even more how comfortable and at home she is in it. And his relaxed yet super handsome... read more

Save Your Guests From the Heat During Your Summer Wedding

We absolutely LOVE outdoor weddings! Whether it’s a gorgeous rooftop vintage ceremony, a sandy beach wedding, or an elegant backyard celebration, the fresh air and open space creates such a unique feel and excitement that we just can’t get enough of! As... read more

Wedding Day Hair Ideas

You have so many options when it comes to your wedding day hair and makeup. Do you want a dramatic look? Beachy loose waves? A classic updo with soft makeup? Vintage curls with red lips? Or something a little more fashion forward like a top knot? Take a look at some... read more

Floral Centerpiece Inspiration

We totally get how choosing a centerpiece for your reception can be a daunting task with so much you can choose from. Do you want flowers? If so, what kind? What color? Do you like candles or antique accents? Do you want it to be tall or short? Do you want them to all... read more

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! I hope that you enjoy and celebrate your freedom today with a BBQ, fireworks, drinks, and laughs with your family and friends. To celebrate here at Skinny Bride, we wanted to share a few festive wedding photos with you!   read more

Bridal Shower Fashion

I don’t know if you were like me but when I was little, I not only dreamed of my wedding day but also everything leading up to it, like the day that I would actually be popped the exciting and loving question; “Will you marry me?” From that day till... read more

Double Exposure Wedding Photography

We are absolutely LOVING the double exposure wedding photography we have been seeing! What a unique and gorgeous way to showcase your special day. Here are a few of our favorites! read more

Amazing Wedding Photography

Happy Happy Wednesday loves! Sometimes there are wedding shots I come across that just amaze me. Sometimes it’s the lighting, other times the glimmer in the Bride’s eye, or stunning angle. Enjoy some of these I just came across! read more

Wedding Wednesday

I really wanted our first Wedding Wednesday post to be special and I can’t think of anything better than some OUTSTANDING wedding shots! These photos  knocked my socks off at very first sight! How gorgeous are they?!... read more