Happy Training Thursday loves! Getting in shape isn’t easy. It is time consuming, hard, and exhausting but, it is SO worth it! Not only for your health but for your confidence as well.

Don’t worry, whether your wedding is in a few weeks or a few months, it isn’t too late to start getting in shape and losing that extra weight you hate. Sometimes it is difficult for me to make it to the gym. It can take up more time than I have available that day and I am assuming a lot of you have that same issue and are looking for workouts that you can do at home! Well, good thing for you… I LOVE working out at home. It may actually be my favorite place to workout (aside from outside).

When I was sitting eating dinner last night and thinking about what I wanted my first Training Thursday post to be about, it became obvious to me… BOOTY! Duh! 🙂 Who doesn’t want a toned booty and legs?


I have been focusing the past few weeks at getting my legs and booty in better shape so wanted to share with you some of the exercises I have been doing from LeanItUp.com and their Squat Guantlet. WARNING: You will be sore 🙂 Try these high-intensity squat exercises to get your booty and legs ready for your big day and honeymoon!