We absolutely LOVE outdoor weddings! Whether it’s a gorgeous rooftop vintage ceremony, a sandy beach wedding, or an elegant backyard celebration, the fresh air and open space creates such a unique feel and excitement that we just can’t get enough of!

As much as we love outdoor weddings, there are a few details we want to make sure that you don’t forget about if you’re having one this summer. While your guests will enjoy celebrating your love with you on your special day, they won’t enjoy getting all dressed up in a fancy dress with their hair & make-up done, or sitting in a suit in the sweltering heat, sweating so much that after a short outdoor ceremony, they look like they’ve already danced the night away at your reception. While it’s a given that it will be crazy hot during the summer, it can also rain or storm so be sure to take care of your guests needs to make such a loving day enjoyable for everyone! Here are a few cute ideas that we love!


Wedding Programs are a MUST so why not create cute ones that double as personal fans to help keep your wedding guests cool!

Cold and refreshing drinks are perfect for a scorching afternoon wedding. How fun, cute and delicious looking are these spritzers with a fruit Popsicle inside for flavor and chill!

Gideon Photography

Photo credit: Gideon Photography

Rain or shine, individual umbrellas are a super cute idea to keep guests cool or dry.

Hayes Photo House

Photo credit: Hayes Photo House

Thank God for a sunny day! Keep your guests cooler with several large and elegant umbrellas that not only provide shade but do it without getting in the way of your photographer’s perfect shot.

Another super simple yet cute program fan for your guests to keep that breeze going.


Photo credit: Luminaire Images

Such a cute idea, especially since clutches aren’t the biggest purses 😉 Plus, who wants to carry around or fear losing their sunglasses all day?!


Photo credit: Pinterest

Guests want to hear your vows, not the sound of hands swatting at bugs! Fill a basket or cute pail with bug spray and sunscreen to cover all of your bases.

Ryan Ray Photography

Photo credit: Ryan Ray Photography

Sometimes a great ice cold beverage like Tea or Sangria can quench your thirst! Why not give your guests the choice?!