Banish Your Back Fat & Be More Confident In Your Wedding Dress

When my brother and (now) sister-in-law were getting married a few years ago, she was so excited about her wedding dress that she tried it on for me once it came in. It was absolutely GORGEOUS on her! It was her dream dress and she felt completely beautiful in it. She... read more

Tips To Kick-start Your Weightloss

Congrats ladies! You’ve taken the first step and made the decision to lose weight before your BIG day! Be proud of yourself! I know that I am proud of you 🙂 That first step can definitely be scary to make but you’re past that and now it’s time to... read more

Weight Loss Goals & Motivation for Your Wedding

I can share tip after tip, recipe after recipe, and workout idea after workout idea with you but the ONLY way that you can lose weight is if YOU WANT TO! You will not lose weight if you aren’t doing it for yourself. You have to be motivated and willing to work... read more

Make Drinking Enough Water a No-Brainer & Fun!

We all know that drinking enough water not only aids in weight loss, but staying hydrated provides so many other health benefits as well, including clearer and more beautiful and glowing skin for your BIG day! As I mentioned in a previous post, I used to not drink a... read more

Quick Workout Ideas for Busy Days

Believe me, I get it… sometimes it’s hard to fit full workouts in every day of the week. But, instead of not doing any kind of workout those days, try doing tiny workouts that fit into your every day activities. Every time after you go to the bathroom, do... read more

Sexy 15 Minute Honeymoon Ab Workout

Happy Wednesday friends!! I hope that you’re having a wonderful week so far 🙂 Mine has been great! I am still sore from my leg/ab workout on Monday but absolutely LOVE that feeling! With that in mind, I thought I’d share my short but super effective ab... read more

Training Thursday- Booty

Happy Training Thursday loves! Getting in shape isn’t easy. It is time consuming, hard, and exhausting but, it is SO worth it! Not only for your health but for your confidence as well. Don’t worry, whether your wedding is in a few weeks or a few months, it... read more

Tasty Tuesday- Water Water Water

One of the biggest mistakes that people make (yes, I used to be a part of that group too) is not drinking enough WATER. Our bodies are made up of 60% water and we NEED to continuously replenish our bodies with water for overall health and energy. Until 3 years ago, I... read more