Absolutely Stunning National Park Wedding Backdrop

Could you imagine having photos from your wedding with a backdrop like this? Like Zion National Park? This gorgeous couple had to work their way down and around rocks with her lifting her dress up and him giving her a loving and helping hand. What a stunning... read more

Gorgeous Wedding or Elopement Bouquet

How absolutely gorgeous is this stunning seaside elopement bouquet? I LOVE the colors and style. For more inspiration from this beautiful elopement, check out Peppermint Photography. read more

Melting for the Couple

That moment when you see a wedding photo that makes you melt for the couple in it! How gorgeous is this?! I love everything from her stunning backless dress, to his suit and unique pocket square, and the gorgeous intermixed boho look/feel.   read more

Copper Wedding Detail Inspiration

I have always loved silver! Silver jewelry, silver wall accents, silver table decor, or silver fashions. No matter what, silver has always been my go to. I have to say though, lately I have been crazing over the gorgeous, copper inspired details that we are seeing in... read more

Wedding Day Accessories- Stunning Earrings for Your Big Day

From the first, all important ring, (“You said yes!”) to your wedding day accessories, jewelry plays such an important role in not only the tradition but the excitement and romance of getting married. So, when it comes to selecting your own wedding day accessories,... read more

Absolutely Stunning and Love Filled Wedding Photo

Can we just talk about this photo for a minute?! How GORGEOUS!! First of all, I am in LOVE with both of their styles. Her stunning modest dress looks just amazing on her and I love even more how comfortable and at home she is in it. And his relaxed yet super handsome... read more

Wedding Day Hair Ideas

You have so many options when it comes to your wedding day hair and makeup. Do you want a dramatic look? Beachy loose waves? A classic updo with soft makeup? Vintage curls with red lips? Or something a little more fashion forward like a top knot? Take a look at some... read more

Favorite Nail Polishes

My best friend and I had a fun girls night last week where we laughed, cried, had wine and painted our nails! It was a blast but one thing I realized was that I have a crazy amount of nail polish 🙂 I wouldn’t be surprised if some of it is dried up since I seem... read more

Bridal Shower Fashion

I don’t know if you were like me but when I was little, I not only dreamed of my wedding day but also everything leading up to it, like the day that I would actually be popped the exciting and loving question; “Will you marry me?” From that day till... read more

My All-time Favorite At Home Exfoliating Peel

Clear and glowing skin is a definite MUST! Don’t let your dull and blemished skin leave you feeling insecure for your BIG day. Taking care of your skin and getting facials doesn’t have to be expensive, feel like a chore, be time consuming, or something you just... read more

Ask the Beauty Experts

Skinny Bride readers have their very own beauty experts at their fingertips!! I’ve worked it out to where you – yes, you! – can email me with any and every beauty question you can think of, and get your answer in the form of a blog post! Not sure what brand of bronzer... read more