I don’t know if you were like me but when I was little, I not only dreamed of my wedding day but also everything leading up to it, like the day that I would actually be popped the exciting and loving question; “Will you marry me?”

From that day till the wedding, there is so much to be done. So much to plan and prepare for the BIG day. While it can definitely be stressful, don’t forget to have fun with it! Also, don’t neglect another big day you have coming up… your Bridal Shower. While you’re looking for your wedding dress, or trying to figure out the best favors for your wedding guest, be sure to take a look at and find your ideal and perfect Bridal Shower outfit.

Modern brides-to-be tend to wear the traditional color of white but feel free to add in a little pop of color and make it unique and shout YOU! Whether you are looking for a dress, a skirt combo or a pant outfit, we have a few ideas that we know you’ll LOVE!

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Photo credits: Pinterest

We’d love to see what you chose/choose to wear to your Bridal Shower! Share a picture with us in the comments and keep being beautiful friends!