Welcome to Skinny Bride!

Hey there! My name is Michaela and I live in Central Florida surrounded by beautiful beaches and warm (ok, hot) weather all year long! I absolutely love it! I am not married (yet, although I have modeled as a bride) but from as early as I can remember, I have been passionate about all things health, wellness, fitness, and food. I have four older brothers who were all athletes and I grew up an athlete playing soccer and continued my volleyball career through college.


Health, food and fitness have always been so important to me. Even after competitive sports were no longer a regular part of my life, I continued going to the gym and/or working out from home. I have been able to enjoy the gorgeous Florida weather and get a little extra exercise in each week by joining a kickball team and as cooking is one of my passions, I have continued to play around with and create many delicious and healthy recipes. All in all, taking care of myself and my body continue to guide my life.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s NOT easy. My weight has fluctuated at times, I have been too lazy to get a workout in, have lacked confidence because of my body and eaten nothing but unhealthy foods for weeks at a time.

Getting and staying healthy isn’t easy but it is definitely easier when you have help and a support group. That’s what Skinny Bride is here for!

About Skinny Bride

The idea for this blog was born out of my love for fitness, weddings, food, fashion and beauty and of course, my own healthy journey!

I started Skinny Bride because I wanted to create a place online where women like me, in the midst of life milestones, such as marriage, could find support and ideas, celebrate healthier living, and have in overall increase in happiness and confidence!

I share a lot about getting into an exercise routine, eating healthier, and having self-confidence. I post recipes and workouts, and try to toss in a little fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts as well!

I also talk a lot about my own life. I share milestones, photos from my travels, DIY projects, and so much more.

I love to collaborate with photographers, nutritionists, designers and trainers to produce unique content for my readers.

Thanks for stopping by!